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    Fred and Virginia Jasmer

    Fred and Virginia Jasmer are the dynamic duo that makes up the Jazzbears team. They have been bringing beautiful bears to the world and happiness to the homes of bear collectors for 23 years.

    About Virginia~
    As someone who has always enjoyed working with her hands, Virginia Jasmer, or “Gini” to her friends and family, started her “hobby” by making her own clothes when she was a girl. After she was married, she furthered that love of hand work by making clothes, doing needlepoint and quilting. She discovered a passion for bear making around 1984 as a leisure activity and a way of relaxing after busy days as a Speech and Language Specialist. For ten years she combined career and bear-making and is now delighted to devote all her time to being a Teddy Bear Artist. Husband Fred’s retirement allows him to be totally involved with Jazzbears as well.

    After years of experimenting, Virginia has developed her own unique “look”. She has even had customers comment that the bears resemble her. Jazzbears specializes in medium sized bears (8″ to 26″) made from the finest English and German mohair and plush. All bears are fully jointed and have imported glass eyes with noses stitched in a variety of colors. Tapestry paw pads, antique items and lovely ribbons adorn them. You’ll also find some bunnies in the mix for added variety.

    About Fred~
    Upon retirement from a career with the State Employment Division, Fred wholeheartedly jumped into many aspects of Jazzbears’ business. Fred makes all of the travel plans—hotel reservations, car rentals, and airline tickets and of course moves the trunks from place to place. He does all of the computer work, mailing errands, accounting and tax preparation. He even has his hands in some of the “inside work” of bear making by doing the pellet filling and tightening all of the joints just right. Fred has made many friends in the US and in Europe as we have been fortunate to attend the German Shows ten times. He can also be counted on to give directions to the closest espresso stand and manages to locate the best ice cream shops in every European city.

    Jazzbears will continue to appear alongside other Teddy Bear Artists at many bear shows across the U.S. and other parts of the world.